The sample videos listed below were provided by several Corporate Combat® members who had our investigators conduct investigations and interrogations of employee thieves.

Installing a CCTV system is only step one. Gathering usable and legally compliant video evidence is step two. Effectively and legally using video evidence is step three.

You get only one shot at step three!

Our proposals are based on exactly what you need—nothing more! We have been selling, installing, and servicing every type of video surveillance equipment sold to businesses since 1972. We know what a business needs for both internal and external theft and fraud issues, as well as safety and liability concerns. The investigators who oversee the operations of Corporate Combat® have over 36 years of full-time experience using Closed Circuit TV. The examples shown below are a very small fraction of the investigations conducted and resolved by Corporate Combat®.

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View 2 for me, 1 for you!

View Crack me up!

View No Deposit, No Return!

View Movie Man!

View Ruined Career!

View Slight of Hand!

View That's the Ticket!

View Trusted & Busted!

Our CCTV system specialists can design a security camera system that specifically meets the needs of your particular business.

• Superior outdoor surveillance can be provided with high resolution, very low light video surveillance cameras. Even total darkness isLargeHID not problem with built-in infrared lights.
• Continuous multiple camera recording is available for up to 16 cameras on one recorder, with full screen pictures for improved identification.
• "Auto Dome" cameras can automatically scan, tilt and zoom in on specific preprogrammed areas on alarm such as when a door would open.
• Several camera control sites can be set up to view and control the CCTV system from various locations within your business.
• Our CCTV system specialists will provide training on system operation, professional service, and continuing support for all of your security and loss prevention needs.
• From remote video transmission to high quality recording, our specialists are always up-to-date on the latest technology.
• Remote video transmission allows you to view cameras from any remote location using a PC or laptop computer.
• Digital recording is a superior alternative to video tape, providing better quality pictures, faster retrieval of stored video, and printing capability to a standard PC printer.
• Wireless video cameras are available for covert surveillance, or for areas where cable cannot be run.

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