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Corporate Combat®
provides special programs for franchisees. You may call us at 1-800-825-5572 to learn more. Existing franchisee clients should already have a password to access their particular area that has been designed for them based on the established criteria developed between the Franchisee and their Corporate Partners.

Since 1998 Corporate Combat® has been the exclusive Business Partner with Great Clips, Inc. helping with their franchise loss prevention. Great Clips was established in 1982 in Minneapolis. Today, they have more than 2,700 salons employing nearly 30,000 stylists throughout the United States and Canada, making it the largest single-brand salon in North America.

Corporate Combat® understands the unique needs of franchise owners and can design a loss prevention program for the franchisee. If you own or operate any type of franchise—product or service—Corporate Combat® can be your business partner in reducing theft and fraud. Corporate Combat® deals with the unsavory and highly sensitive business matters while you focus on growing your business to a more profitable level. We resolve those issues that you may find stressful, emotionally charged, annoying or downright daunting.

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arrow The percentage of resumes and job applications that contain lies and exaggerations has been estimated between 30 and 80 percent. (Security Management Magazine)
arrow 5% of professional hires have criminal records. (Source: HR Logic)
arrow 75% of internal theft is undetected. ("How to Identify Dishonesty Within Your Business")
arrow Several studies estimate employee theft and dishonesty costs U.S. businesses between $60 billion and $120 billion per year, not including the billions spent on protecting against theft. ("How to Identify Dishonesty Within Your Business")
arrow Insider theft is growing at 15% annually. (Justice Department)
arrow Employee theft amounts to 4% of food sales at a cost in excess of $8.5 billion annually. 75% of inventory shortages are attributed to employee theft. (National Restaurant Association)
arrow The Labor Law Industry has increased by 2200%. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
arrow Employee theft costs between 1/2%-3% of a company's gross sales. Even if the figure is 1%, it still means employees steal over a billion dollars a week from their employers. ("How to Identify Dishonesty Within Your Business")
arrow One-third of all employees steal from their employers. (Department of Commerce study)
arrow 30% of business failures are due to poor hiring practices. Annual losses generated by poor hires, absenteeism, drug abuse, and theft amount to $75 billion per year. (U.S. Department of Commerce-Atlanta Business Chronicle.)

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