NOTE: All cases shown on this page, or anywhere on this site, were conducted by Corporate Combat® trained investigators. They are not derived from any other source. These, and other cases you may see on this site, are samples from the thousands of cases successfully resolved by our in-house investigators trained in the “Art of Mind-to-Mind Corporate Combat®.”
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Today, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is as much a part of your business as lighting, signage and cash registers. It was not that long ago when the only time a business owner would think of CCTV is when they discovered that an employee was stealing from them. The owner would install a camera—most often hidden—capture the behavior on video; then be nagged by another problem, namely, “Now what?” They would not know what to do with the incriminating evidence. Most often they would confront the suspect,
inform him or her that he or she was “caught on tape” and then dismiss the thief. It would appear to be the correct approach, but it wasn’t then and it is not today. The incorrect and often illegal approach used 10 or 15 years ago is still the same incorrect and illegal approach used today. The business owner’s reaction to a theft or fraud situation has not changed much and that is because our basic emotional reactions to events are static. What has changed is technology, laws and tactics. That’s where we come in.
arrow Corporate Combat® knows CCTV hardware and, better yet, we know how to integrate it within your business so that you get the most out of this invaluable tool. It is not our goal to sell you 25 cameras when maybe all you need is 5. Corporate Combat® does not have to sell CCTV equipment in order to remain in business. CCTV equipment is just part of the arsenal we make available to our clients, members and prospects. We consult, you choose, we deliver. LargeHID
Cam2 arrow Corporate Combat® understands that CCTV equipment is widely available on the Internet and in many big box outlets and discount warehouses. You get what you pay for, and you eventually pay for what you decided to get. With Corporate Combat® you receive high quality equipment and the expert-level knowledge of how to answer the ever elusive “Now What?” question that comes up when you discover fraud and theft. Most calls to the service person that installed your equipment will be met with a non-answer to this most important question. The CCTV representative or service person will very professionally advise you to “call the police” or “turn it over to your attorney” and both answers will lead to a disappointing end. A call to Corporate Combat® will lead to field tested definitive answers. We
not only provide the CCTV system components, we provide tactics, techniques, strategies and solutions that work and we can prove it. We don’t have to guess or take the easy way out by telling you to call the police. We won’t tell you to call your attorney just to incur even greater losses by having to pay the attorney their high hourly rate only to have him or her tell you to “call the police.”
arrow Corporate Combat® can assist you in selecting exactly what you need for your CCTV system. Corporate Combat® Members also receive special pricing.
arrow Corporate Combat® can also provide disguised cameras such as sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, wall clocks, radios—just about anything you need to covertly document video evidence in those “hard to reach” areas.
arrow Don’t purchase more than your location requires. We will design a system based on a number of factors which include past and current internal theft and fraud issues, the makeup of the current workforce, store layout, budget and more.


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