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Background Investigation, Background Check Reviews, Criminal Record Check, Criminal Records Search, Criminal Background Check, Employment Background Check, Federal Criminal Record Search, Public Records Search, Criminal Public Records, Court Records Search, Video Surveillance Cctv SystemOur maxim for over 25 years has been "An Investment in Quality & Integrity." It is with that in mind that we introduce to you who we are and what we stand for. Our company name is Corporate Combat, Inc. We are affiliated with Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. a corporate private detective firm located in Minnesota, license number 507. Licensed since 1984 and experienced since 1972. We have conducted nearly 4,000 successful investigations with a 99.96% success rate in converting admissions to handwritten confessions.

The following retail loss prevention business opportunity is not a get-rich-quick scheme, or an Internet scam and it is not for the mavericks or the wannabe TV detective hero. This is one of the rare security business opportunities available at no risk. We have established an impressive array of loss prevention professional services and products. Loss prevention is not a game to us—it is serious business! If you are looking for LP jobs, employment in loss prevention, or you are looking to become a Loss Prevention Trainer, a Loss Prevention Investigator, or want to offer Loss Prevention Consulting, then the Loss Prevention Experts at Corporate CombatŪ is where you will find your answers. It is likely that those who invest in this opportunity will undergo a criminal background check. We invite serious inquiries only. Therefore, those convicted of a felony or gross misdemeanor need not apply.

This opportunity is perfect for those with an interest in careers in loss prevention or private investigations, or even corporate fraud investigations. If you are not interested in the investigation side you can still earn a high income in Loss Prevention Training and Loss Prevention Consulting.

Here are some of the services you will be providing to the business community:

arrow Employee theft, otherwise known as "internal theft" investigations
arrow Fraud investigations
arrow Criminal records research such as county, state and national background checks
arrow Security consulting
arrow Security training
arrow Mystery shopping service
arrow General security services
arrow Employee screening
arrow Hotline services for Employees and Customers
arrow CCTV equipment

MISSION: "To be ready at any time to assist you in solving sensitive and complex business matters."

Here is what you can offer businesses in your area or anywhere in the country!

Video Surveillance Camera, Cctv Surveillance, County Court Records, Loss Prevention Jobs, Security Camera System, Retail Loss Prevention, Business Security System, Pre Employment Screening, Loss Prevention Experts, Loss Prevention Trainer, Employee Hotline Services, Customer Hotline Services, Federal Civil Records

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arrow Toll-free Contact with Loss Prevention Experts, Certified Fraud Examiners & Private Investigator
arrow Legally compliant Background Checks & Investigative Services at significant discounts
arrow Free Consulting & Training with scores of HR, Loss Prevention & Investigative Forms & Templates
arrow Monthly Newsletter on Corporate Fraud & Loss Prevention with diverse topics
arrow Downloadable non-transferable, secure E-books
arrow Extensive Investigation library & database
arrow Internet & Toll-Free Employee & Customer hotline services
arrow Free Early Warning & Diagnostic Employee Surveys as well as Customer Surveys
arrow Discounted Pre-employment Surveys
arrow No charge for new or enhanced features & benefits for qualified representative prospects
arrow FREE Subscription to our Visit



















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