Background Checks

"Get the right people on the bus......the wrong people off the bus.....and the right people in the right seats - and then figure out where to drive the bus." Jim Collins - "Good to Great"

Our criminal background checks are performed in real-time using Court Retrieval Specialists who physically visit the courthouse where potential criminal records are stored. You receive legally compliant data on your subject, not archived or outdated information that could get you sued. Examples of the background checks our trained retrieval specialists conduct on a daily basis include:

arrow Criminal background checks
arrow Credit history
arrow Sex offender background checks
arrow Federal criminal records
arrow Federal civil records
arrow Civil records
arrow Driving records
arrow Public record searches


These searches are conducted through Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc., a background check company that also provides corporate fraud investigations. The background checks are secure, up-to-date and processed by professional court retrieval specialists. We have been providing background checks to businesses since 1972. The background check process is not new to us, unlike many companies that now offer this service at "discounts" and in an "instant" format. For a background check to be accurate and truthful, it should be performed by professionals who know what to look for; not from an automated process that returns archived or magnetic tape data.

Types of Background Checks available:

• Background investigations
• Criminal background checks
• Criminal record checks
• Employee background checks
• Employee screening
• Employee online background checks
• Find people
• National sex offender registry
• Online background checks
• People background checks
• People finder
• Personal background checks
• Pre-employment background checks
• Pre-employment screenings
• Public court records
• Public criminal records
• Real-time background checks
• Sex offenders

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