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  • That's the Ticket!

  • This thief worked at a theatre. As you can see, her job was to sell tickets to moviegoers. Watch carefully as she keeps track of what to steal by marking her hand with a pen. The movie ticket has two parts to it. The first part is the main ticket and the second part is the "stub" that looks the same as the ticket, only a different color. What she is doing is selling a ticket for full price and then selling the stub of that ticket also at full price to the next customer. The primary ticket is recorded properly, however the money that the next customer in line uses to pay for their ticket is not recorded because he or she is being issued the stub from the ticket that was just purchased by the customer in front of them.

    It is the money from the sale of the ticket stubs that she keeps track of by making slash marks on a piece of paper near the register, or by making slash marks on her hand as can be seen in the video clip.

    In the early part of the clip, you can see three young ladies enter and she issues one of them a stub. One of the young ladies returns to question the employee about it and then continues on into the theatre. At the same time, you can see the employee look out to see if management is anywhere nearby.

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