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  • Slight of Hand!

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    BEFORE you review the video read the following two paragraphs, then click on confession. You will see several areas of his confession highlighted. Notice that he took advantage of "opportunity" and that it was there "most of the time" where he "could steal virtually at will" so much so that it became a "habit."

    He had been caught before and note what his prior employer did: "All they did was show me the door. A lack of reprimand did not give me anything to reflect on." He was able to steal nearly $75,000 before he was caught. This pharmacist had been a recipient of numerous customer service awards. He was highly trusted. He was beyond suspicion. His department was one of the most profitable in the company's chain of stores.

    A CCTV system was installed and it wasn't long before he was observed stealing. Upon review of the video, he was seen stealing. A closer look revealed something even more interesting. It was his manner. It was his "smoothness" and what he did when a clerk walked behind him as he was pocketing a $20 bill. Notice in the video that he removes a pen from his shirt pocket. This was to draw the attention of the clerk away from what he had just done. He had done this "slight of hand" on other occasions. (He was never once aware of any video evidence.) Not revealing video evidence, and studying his behaviors and mannerisms were very helpful to the interrogator because...

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